Digital Learning Day

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, February 6th, National Digital Learning Day!  AEA 267 and Grantwood AEA are excited to announce that we are collaborating to provide a series of mini-webinars starting at 8:00am.  Each session lasts 15-20 minutes and there are topics for everyone!  Ranging from Google Apps tools to free Web 2.0 tools!

There is no charge for the sessions and all you need to participate all you need is an internet connection!  All sessions will be hosted the AEA Digital Learning Day site using Google Hangouts.

For more information and a list of session topics check out the Digital Learning Day website.  Resources and a reminder will be sent to you by pre-registering for the sessions you plan attending.

If you have any questions about this day, please contact one of the presenters:

AEA 267
Clair Judas 
Kay Schmalen
Brian Unruh
Deb Versteeg

Grantwood AEA
Tony Amsler
Stacy Behmer
Michelle Cowell
Jon Wyile
Julie Freed

Digital Learning Day is sponsored by the Alliance for Excellent Education its purpose is to provide opportunities for students and teachers to share and learn successful classroom practices across the country.

Student Engagement and Technology

Ok, so each student now has a device to access the Internet 24/7, teachers and staff have been and continue to be trained on how to effectively use and integrate technology, and a plan is in place for the future. Now for the real question.  Do you know if technology is making a difference in students’ learning?  Dr. Jerry Valentine from the University of Missouri and one of the developers of the Instructional Practices Inventory-Technology, poses three critical questions:

  1. Are we using the technology we have on a regular basis?
  2. When we do use technology, how is the technology being used?
  3. When used, are we doing so in a manner that deepens student thinking and learning?

The IPI-T builds on the basic IPI process to help answer these questions.  The technology component was developed so “school faculties can study student engagement using the basic IPI process and gain additional insight about the use of various forms of technology and the types of engagement present when technology is being used.” IPI-T Component Overview- Jerry Valentine

The IPI-T process looks at how technology is being applied in the classroom.  E.g. Are students using the technology tool for word processing, interacting with a commercially developed program or developing media? This information, coupled with the information collected from the basic IPI, provides a system-wide look at how technology is being used to support student learning.

AEA 267 will be hosting Jerry Valentine in both IPI training and IPI-T training.  (IPI training is a perquisite for IPI-T training.  IPI training will be held at West Marshall in State Center, IA on January 30th from 8:00am- 4:00pm.  IPI-T training will also be held at West Marshall in State Center, IA on the following day, January 31st from 8:30am-4:30pm.

Sign up for both days are on the AEA 267 PD system.  Cost is $160 for IPI and $190 for IPI-T.  (No credit is given for either day.)  Districts are encouraged to send team of teachers to learn the processes to go back to the district and practice the data collection instruments.