Missed Digital Learning Day??

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 12.55.17 PMWow….had a great day of learning yesterday! AEA 267 and Grantwood AEA partnered to provide short (10-20 minute) webinars on 17 different topics, from Advanced Google Search to a variety of iPad apps.  With over 100 participants throughout the day!   If you missed it, don’t despair!  All the webinars were recorded and available via the Digital Learning Website or via the links below.

 8:00am Session 1     Stacy Behmer  Sweet! You can research and cite within a Google Docs!
 8:30am Session 2     Kay Schmalen  Chrome extensions you can’t live without!
 9:00am Session 3    Jonathan Wylie  I need “Smore” ideas for the classroom! Using www.smore.com
 9:30am Session 4   Michelle Cowell  Social Bookmarking is still where it’s at! Rediscover Diigo
 10:00am Session 5     Jonathan Wylie/Stacy Behmer
 Keep students alert and on-task with ClassDojo.com
 10:30am Session 6     Kay Schmalen Free and easy Photo Editing Tools- Pixlr and PicResize
 11:00am Session 7     Tony Amsler  Flubaroo – Auto Correct your Google Forms Using Flubaroo.
 11:30am Session 8     Jonathan Wylie Ask3: A free collaborative video discussion app for iPads
 12:00pm Session 9     Tony Amsler
Behind the HangOuts!  How We Put This Event Together Using Google+ On Air HangOuts
 12:30pm Session 10     Deb Versteeg  The National Archives – interactive learning activities using primary source documents
 1:00pm Session 11     Julie Freed  Built-in iPad Accessibility Features for ALL Students
 1:30pm Session 12     Brian Unruh  Get more from your Google Search with easy “Advanced” tips 
 2:00pm Session 13     Clair Judas The web in your Pocket. Collect articles & web pages to read anytime on any device.
 2:30pm Session 14     Michelle Cowell
 Meograph: Four-Dimensional Storytelling
 3:00pm Session 15     Stacy Behmer  Can you hear me now? Using Google Voice to collect Audio!
 3:30pm Session 16     Brian Unruh  Assessing students with Socrative App and Website 
 4:00pm Session 17     Deb Versteeg  Get real-time feedback from students using Poll Everywhere