Resources & Support

Leadership you can turn to

School administrators have access to the expertise of all AEA 267 staff to assist with meeting building and district learning goals. For a reminder of the AEA 267 staff members serving your school district, please refer to the interactive map.

Many AEA 267 administrative staff are also available to provide support and consultation to local school leaders. Please feel free to turn to any of the following staff with questions in their specific area of expertise.

  AEA 267 Staff Member Areas of expertise  
Sam Miller
Chief Administrator
LEA/AEA relations, bond issue/PPEL campaigns, leadership development,
legislation, organizational development, school board retreats, and school

 Karl Kurt
 Assistant Chief Administrator/
 Director of Human Resources

Administrator/teacher evaluation, employee contracts, equity, negotiations, and technology support.


Dr. Jon McKenzie
Director of Assessment and
Comprehensive Improvement
Continuous Improvement, assessment and data collection.  
David Nicholson
Chief Financial Officer
Budget Issues, Certified Annual Report (CAR), and financial audits.  
Dr. Mary Stevens

Executive Director of Special Education

All aspects of special education.

Dr. Julie Davies

Executive Director of Ed Services

Assessment, classroom instruction, comprehensive school improvement
and curriculum development.
Dr. Jerry Schnabel

Executive Director of Media

Library/media, Internet bandwidth, and eRate.
Administrative Assistant to Central Administration/Board Secretary
AEA 267 board communications, educational directory, listservs, transportation agreements, and general support.
Chad Pinkston
Site Superintendent (Marshalltown Office)
Interpreter services and general questions about accessing AEA 267 staff and services.  
Director of Creative Services
Communication planning, crisis communication, news media relations, graphic design services, print and production, and general questions about accessing AEA 267 staff and services.

Ed Insight

EdInsight provides administrators with a tool that offers them a longitudinal (2004-2005 to present), detailed picture of student, building, and district level achievement. A host of other educational data are stored in EdInsight. EdInsight stores, organizes, graphs and sorts these data elements in a variety of preformatted reports. These preformatted reports, which are easily accessible, answer common research questions. In addition, there is an assessment cube that allows educators to formulate their own research questions and then build customized reports, allowing educators to focus their efforts on actual data analyses. EdInsight is effective, efficient and equitable for all educators.

Developing Professional Learning Communities

A shift from a culture of teaching to a culture of student learning requires a change in Iowa schools. The Iowa Core supports this cultural shift by setting the expectation that there will be a sustained positive impact on student learning. Outcome 6 from the Iowa Core plan calls for educators to form and maintain collaborative learning teams. However, this is only the beginning. In order to truly create and sustain this collaborative culture, a school-wide effort to operate as a professional learning community is essential.

Improving Communication

The Area Education Agency 267's Director of Communications is available to provide internal and external communication planning and support for the agency, as well as local school districts served by AEA 267. Services include; consultation and tools for community engagement, publications, bond/PPEL campaigns, news media relations, community needs assessments and communication auditing (evaluation).

For more information, contact Beth Strike, Director of Communications